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Hey There

Assisting (Sensitive) Humans Go from Overtaxed, Stuck and Insecure to Rested, Regulated and Sovereign.


Here is my Holistic Practice Philosophy:

I approach wellness primarily from a Spiritual viewpoint in which you are regarded as a Whole and Worthy person. I see you as a spark of Spirit temporarily experiencing pain, stress, tension, energetic blocks and dis-ease. 

My purpose is to support you on your journey toward Wholeness and to remind you of the way back to peace, balance and your True Self.


With Love, 


About Me:

My name is Rebka. I am a Trauma Informed Spiritual/Energy Healing facilitator  and a licensed bodyworker of over 15 years  in Virginia Beach, VA. I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology at Marymount University. I also practiced as a Physical Therapist Assistant for a time. 


As much as I love my intellectual endeavors, I am convinced that true healing is incomplete without the application of some spiritual principles. I believe that we are simultaneously physical and energetic/spiritual beings. Through the years, personal experience and great spiritual teachers have taught me a few things. I’ve learned that there is a profound gift in deliberately incorporating stillness, play and relaxation in our daily lives. Adding Energy Healing to these practices creates and enhances the movement of energy within and around the physical body. It expands consciousness/ awareness and revitalizes the energy field, which over time is reflected in physical well-being. I believe this is truly the foundation for a happy, healthy and flowing life, which effortlessly extends into all areas of life and relationships, with consistency, practice and non-judgement. 


It is my calling and pleasure to create a loving and safe space for you as you journey toward this sacred balance and flow within yourself. Thank you for taking the time to care for yourself and allowing me to witness you. I invite you to come in and ReST! 

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