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The ReST Experience

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From countless feedback from my clients, and from how I feel within them, my sessions are containers for 

- feeling very relaxed,

- comfortable,

- accepted,

- at ease to unburden the mind and

- release the restriction in the body and energy field. 

The body, emotions, thoughts, and energy field are directly connected, affect each other & others around you.

I offer a space that is safe for deep breaths, authenticity, pain relief, emotional release, nervous system regulation, mind-set rehab, valuable conversations and practical suggestions. 

We process, in words and in silence, the patterns and limitations that block you from being aware of & actively finding what your definition of balance is for your life;

- between safety and self-protection,

- rest/play and work,

- giving and receiving,  

- flow and structure,

- restriction and freedom &

- action and stillness, among others.

The imbalance in all these, which most times is chronic, is reflected in how your body feels and holds itself.


The Prana Embodied package is where you can heal and restore balance through your

Breath and Bones.

Running over 5 months, we use this package to deeply unwind, free and repattern

 your bones, tissues, nerves and energetic pathways into spaciousness and stability.

The Prana Embodied package features a weekly series of:

>> 10 Restorative Breathwork sessions,

>> 5 Biodynamic Cranosacral sessions every 2 breath sessions,

>> closes with one 90-min Bodywork and Reiki session.

*** We leave 3 weeks free to account for integration time and unexpected events. 

Healing crises are normal after sessions where the body and energy field have to detox

(head, body or stomach aches, emotional release, more active elimination, need to hydrate more, need for solitude, relationship shifts, etc) as they create space for the elevation of energy and healing taking place. You are not regressing.

** Always use your discernment to rule out any physical or medical condition, of course.

Use common sense when making any major decisions with your relationships, wait until the emotional charge of a perspective shift isn't blocking your prefrontal cortex in your brain, where your rational thinking occurs.**

Healing and expansion are inevitable with self awareness through direct and consistent application of these processes outside of regular sessions.

To further support you, I offer meditation, mindfulness and relaxation tools for your day-to-day, through my YouTube channelBlog/Newsletter, and Social Media posts.

If you do not practice it already, eventually, we may discuss energy management: how you are protecting, managing and wielding your Light and Power, which you are increasingly accessing within yourself. This is one of my favorite parts where I get to witness and affirm your lived expansion into your authentic power, grace and beauty!


With more Power comes more Responsibility. 

"To sustain your expansion, you must first go deep." ~ Cristy Christopher

To provide structure, rooted in tradition, I offer Reiki courses. 

It can guide your inner journey further into stability and uncover your healing abilities.

Reiki is a modality that usually calls out to your heart.

You can directly register for a class OR

you may prime your self/body first.

If you resonate with the latter, here is the intention for the Reiki Healer Path: 

In order to hold healing energy responsibly and facilitate healing in others, you must first do some work to clear and heal your own vessel/body-mind and integrate your shifts. 


The Reiki Healer Path package features:

1 or more rounds of the 3 modality-series, on a weekly basis for 12 weeks +

 1-week integration time after each series +

runs over 4 months for the following modalities:

 >> Deep Integrative Experience (Series of 3)

>> Reiki (Series of 4),

>> Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy (Series of 5),

>> Ends with one course + certification of a Reiki level you're ready for.

***We leave 4 weeks free for integration and unexpected events.***

Yes, you can simply get a massage without all the other things we just covered.

Feel free to choose to disengage if you're not ready to participate in your own healing, where energy and spiritual shifts are bound to happen.

They are the most natural way to effect long lasting positive results for your physical body and therefore, for your mind and your life. 

I am honored to hold the space for your healing, regulated nervous system, expansion and transformation. I am happy to witness your meeting the part of you that is calling you forth to your highest timeline; the version of you that you feel safe and your best in. 

~ R

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