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If you are an emotionally sensitive person, then you’ve likely experienced yourself feeling things more intensely than others.

You feel love and happiness as well as anger, sorrow and fear more strongly than average.

You do  not have to be a sensitive to know the toll it takes  on your body and mind to not be present with your inner self and emotions on a regular basis
. It is the basis for restlessness and tension.

If you do not yet understand and know how to manage your emotions and nervous system, then it is easy to grapple with  your day-to-day energy demands as well as stressful times of life, a lot more than you like.

If you you've had it with:

Being easily triggered


Over functioning (processing other peoples’ unresolved emotions instead of/on top of yours)


Being unable to rest and relax


Distracting yourself from feeling

Lack of clarity and direction over your life and deep desires


Then I have a simple and practical first-aid solution for you.

Practicing the

A Guide to Self Soothing

I get where you are. I have been there.


Being in a reactive state can feel like being lost at sea in the middle of a storm.  But it's inside. 

It is when we are sometimes pulled in multiple directions at the whims of emotions from within ourselves and from energies around us. You are either in fight, flight or fawn/flatter mode.


Or maybe your flavor of dealing with stressful experiences is to shut down in some way.  Freeze mode.


It feels out of your control in both situations.

The solution I have for you can serve both stress responses by helping you cultivate inner peace, stability and safety/security.

You may be familiar with it.

This ONE solution can open opportunities to empower you to master your emotions and their triggers:


Practicing to pause



When you Pause, you offer yourself the opportunity to:


Experience your body's and heart's  response to your attention: experience effortless release and relief

Unload energetic burdens that are not yours to carry

Rest and relax with ease

Heal your pattern of distracting/abandoning yourself and start honoring your emotions, which makes them manageable over time

Become clear about who you truly are deep in your core, why you are here and what you deeply desire to do

You get to 

Experience giving your emotions permission to exist, which allows them to start moving out of your system while you retain their wisdom


Experience an evolving emotional security within yourself, which  can herald overall health and wishes fulfilled

Alternative solutions obviously exist to cope with emotional sensitivity.


For instance:

It's possible to temporarily numb with distractions, such as keeping yourself overly busy with work and social obligations, consuming incessant information, entertainment, foods, substances and relationships. Sometimes these may help with temporary soothing; they serve their purpose. Indulgence in them, however, will increase the gap between you and you, intensifying the emotional overwhelm when the high is over. I believe this is partly where addictions of all sorts form. Where we dread being alone or in quiet even for a few minutes.


Until you are fed up with it, that is.


It is then also possible to seek others’ counsel or  go to talk therapy to begin the healing process. This starts a powerful cascade of untangling issues on at least a mental level. A wonderful solution until you realize you will need to participate in your own healing to see lasting results. That someone outside of you can only do so much to help you.


Until you realize that Talk therapy alone won’t work if the body isn’t involved at some point .


The body and the subconscious mind are where you’ll find the roots of most emotions and stress response patterns. This requires getting familiar with your own body and mind through mind-body practices and therapies. Practices and treatments that tap into the body and the subconscious mind create deeper and lasting healing and change. 

That's the next step.

It is how I ended up creating this Self-Soothing Guide, “practicing the pause”,  4 ways of achieving a pause during a triggered state.


It is exactly what a younger version of me needed when I was waking up to my own emotional sensitivity.


It is the most basic set of 4 practices that anyone struggling with accessing and managing emotional sensitivity can utilize in stressful times, as well as make a life-long companion out of.

Note: Even though these practices can be 'a quick fix' for urgent situations, organic healing dictates that they be  practiced consistently to become a part of  who you are: where your new baseline can be peaceful, stable  and safe/secure.

In the guide, you will find:


* The 4 natural body—mind based practices:

 From the quickest practice to settle into calm or grounding during distress, to a more in-depth practice of processing emotions.


* Ample space for a brief  self reflection after each practice suggestion:

 This may be used as a go-to list of soothing activities and affirmations for when you experience emotional overwhelm.

* Digital document: 

 You can make multiple copies of the self-reflection spaces for multiple entries.




If you've read this far, you know this is for you.

Pick your price,

$1 up to $111

and get started with your self-healing and emotional mastery journey now.


Once you submit your information, you will receive your Digital Download link to the Self-soothing guide in your inbox.


See you on the other side!


Who Is Rebka?

Rebka is the founder of ReST Massage & Healing Arts, LLC, where she is on a mission to normalize accessing and harmonizing  the intelligence of the body and the power of the subconscious mind, to effect accelerated healing and creating a life of physical wellness, emotional resilience, mental clarity and spiritual/self mastery. She has been joyfully serving a diverse clientele through mind-body-energy therapies she considers magical for over a decade and a half and through sound bath/ meditation events in recent years. She loves being in nature, dunkable desserts, and quality time with loved ones, when she's not savoring her solitude and her life's work.

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