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Imagine that someone you love dearly came to you feeling down or out of sorts.


Instead of feeling like you don't know how to respond or help them feel better, 

you become an intentional field of understanding and acceptance where words are not necessary.


Maybe you sat next to them, with their permission, with one hand on their back- directly on their heart chakra, listening to them... the heat and comfort of your touch easing their nervous system; yet the whole time you felt only love and the weight of whatever they came with being lifted with no effort on your part.

You are a field of love where they can relax and feel safe to feel deeply and come away with their own heightened awareness and elevated energy; and you have not taken any of their stuff on energetically.


This is the power of being attuned to practice Reiki on yourself and/or others.

It may be one of the best natural skills and discipline to have more than ever before!


Anyone can learn it if it resonates. It can help you cleanse your body and energy field as well as enhance your spiritual understanding of yourself and your world. 


The more of us learn how to heal ourselves and others naturally, the more ease, peace, health and prosperity we can effect for ourselves and our communities.


We use 1:1 Immersive teaching.


Contact me for available times.


$100 non-refundable fee required to hold space upon registration.

Image by Fabrizio Chiagano

Usui Reiki Level I

History, Reiki  application, the human and animal energetic and auric systems, hand positions for treating self and others, Symbols, Attunement to Reiki I, Practice + packet.

In-Person: $250

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Usui Reiki Level III
(Master/ Teacher)

Prerequisite: at least 2 years' consistent practice after Level II.

Review Levels 1 & 2 + Deeper Reiki teaching and Energy management; Attunement to Master Symbol including to teach Reiki, Practice + packet.

In-Person: $350

Image by Kari Shea

Usui Reiki Level II

Deeper understanding of principles, Hand positions for treating others long distance, Symbol, how to set up a Reiki practice, Attunement to Reiki II, Practice + packet.

In-Person: $300


Usui Reiki Level I & II Refresher


If you have already been attuned to Reiki and only need a refresher and Attunement, we offer a review of Reiki levels I & II, practice, attunement to Reiki I & II and a packet to take home.

In-Person: $300

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